Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made it through January…February is a different story…

So maybe shopping with my $300 limit at Last Chance wasn’t the best idea.  It seems I was an enabler for myself.  Since then, I purchased 3 items from Costco: A pair of fleece lined football/kickball cold weather attire pants and matching three-quarter zip up top.  Also, a pair of puma warm-ups that I took home, tried on, and hated.  So I returned them yesterday and got $20 and some change.  Then, at the Superbowl party at Bryn’s, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these amazing green earrings.  So I bought them.  So all in all, 3 ‘slips.’
       3 Costco items
-         1  returned item
+     1  Bryncollection earring set
        3 No shopping slips.

If you play sports in the NW in the winter outdoors, you understand the necessity and not over-buying of warm workout attire.  That’s my rationalization for the warm wear. The Jewelry, well, if you take a look at her handywork, you’ll understand, all precious Gemstones:
Bryn has a gorgeous collection and she also does custom orders, bridal and bridesmaid matching sets all of which are handmade beauties! She also has an outlet on Etsy:

If anyone wants to buy me the Secret Garden Earrings, I wouldn’t object! HINT HINT Trevor! Valentine’s day is coming up! J
I also totally love the Seaside Charm Necklace:
And the black onyx/Mother of Pearl Tiara Necklace:
So all of this talking/typing got me motivated to take after Bryn.  She took the leap to make a business out of what she already loves doing.  I’m following the bandwagon and I created my own Etsy Shop. 

I will post all the details sometime soon!

Also, that's my last shopping slip!  No more, it's not worth it!  I'm going to make it through 2012, I just thought it important to be up front and honest with everyone!

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  1. Good honesty!

    The next time you slip up, you have to buy a matching one for me. There, I just gave you extra motivation to be good. =o)