Monday, November 26, 2012

To Drink or Not to Drink!

Despite what I think, drinking is actually not worth it.  The challenge lies in convincing all of your friends/acquaintances to do things that don’t involve the go-to alcoholic consumption so you don’t want to blow your brains out as the only sober one.  If alcohol temporarily makes us feel better or more confident it’s only a façade to the realities of our insecurities.  If we spent the time we devote to drinking to the gym, or healthy cooking classes, or hiking/biking/crafting, we in turn wouldn’t want, need, or desire the relaxing poison strumming through our veins.  In its place confidence and natural energy would be surging.

Easier said than done though. 

Wine is fine. 
It even rhymes
Let’s drink wine
All the time!

Every person that's had 'a night to remember' (or not remember) has made this comment:
"I'm never drinking again!" I wish I agreed with myself the first time I said this.  It's so much easier said than done.  I find myself constantly making excuses or exceptions to the rule. 

The longest I've gone without a sip of alcohol was just over 4 months early this year.  I was healthy and didn't waste days away with a hangover. I accomplished more tasks and felt more whole and complete.

Knowing this, I still don't know why I keep going back to the occasional drink with friends or on the expected weekends.

Alcohol is full of empty calories and encourages terrible eating choices. 

In a conversation with a friend today she said:
"The drinking blues are areal thing. I swear...except even though I just said I wouldn't drink, I almost want to recant and say only drink when it's worth it and only out of happiness not just to make something fun or because it's expected."  

Truthfully, I've had some hilarious encounters and unforgettable experiences that involve alcohol that I wouldn't trade for the life of me.  Laugh out loud, are you kidding me, stories! 

Hey, I've probably had enough of those right?

Maybe instead I should just live vicariously through TV shows and movies dipicting such behavior. Then I would avoid things like:
-Losing my phone in Europe
-Burning my MIL's carpet by snuggling with a straightener
-Getting a "no Service" bracelet at Oktoberfest
-Brawling with a security guard
-Juvenille Detention
-Broken glass lodged in my foot

Wine is the hardest part of this.  I love wine.  In fact, I'm in LOVE with wine! I could easily stop at a glass or two of wine if I had an exit strategy.  Meaning: I can't go all night on wine so I'd need to be under the legal limit or have my own transportation. And honestly our bodies aren't designed to stay up that late anyway! 

So in summary: I'm back to where I started.  To drink or not to drink: That is the question!

What are some of the things you enjoy sans alcohol?
What's yoru favorite non-alcholic drink?
What group activities are your favorite?


  1. Something I heard and love... Never drink to feel better only drink to feel even better! Sometimes alcohol has its place, it's place is celebration, even with that practice moderation. I promise it's not hard... And I'm around drunk people all the time!

  2. Agreed! There's a time and place for everything. Should you say no to wine in Italy on vacation with your husband? NO! Should you say no to routine happy hours filled with bad food and complaining? YES! I think it's important to realize that blaming the alcohol for behavior is like blaming food for making us fat. We choose what and how much of each we consume. I think you have the right idea, just be aware of the motivation behind the choice you make each time you choose to drink or not to drink. Sometimes it's worth it...other times not so much.