Monday, May 14, 2012

May Flowers

May Flowers
This year has been a testament to Seattle's full gorgeous potential.  May has been A-MAY-ZING!  Last week on my morning jog I HAD to slow down and take a quick break to capture the loveliness blooming in West Seattle. 

Here’s my results I captured on my phone: all from my Droid Incredible II. 

Thanks to the enticing 80 degree Seattle day, I enjoyed my afternoon break outside today. I captured the following pictures around 3:00.

Today is marks the first time in four years that it has hit 80 degrees or above in Seattle before July. 

I played around with the camera settings on my phone’s camera.  If you haven’t explored all that your phone has to offer, practice on flowers!  They are amazing test subjects.  There are features like: Posterize, negative, Vignette, Vintage, Grey Scale, Sepia, and Solarize.

Cheers to a glorious Seattle Summer!

Pink Filter

High Contrast Black & White

Black and White

Focus Feature

Midtone Adjusted

Negative, then B&W




Posterize Function



And now it’s time for:
Final thoughts Flower Photos by:
Nicole Wegner!  

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