Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SPF Tinted Moisturizer 911!

I am totally ready for a change with my skincare.  I have been using teenager zit face wash for as long as I can remember and it's not working the way I'd like it. I'm sick of pimples and I can't decide if it's time to switch to a more mature face care process. 
Currently I use Nutrogena Salicilyc Acid face wash morning and night.  Then I put a light moisturizer on (sometimes over Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid cream).  After, I do a light layer of Bare Minerals with some blush and whatever I'm feeling on my eyes. 

I want something easier and more effective.

I am headed to Mexico on Thursday.  I get this wonderful sample box in delivered monthly that includes all different kinds of samples.  It's called Birchbox and for $10/month you can customize your preferences and your box is always valued over $10! You also accumulate points that go towards purchasing full size products.  Click here to sign up for your own birchbox and then tell your friends and get points!

Anyway, I really want a tinted SPF moisturizer to make the make-up process better, especially for Summer.  This month in my birchbox I had a sample of Dr. Jart and I fell in love with it but there was only enough for a week. 

It's $32 for a full size online, but I won't have it in time for Mexico...

Bre says: "The Laura Mercier rocks my world but it's expensive.  I wear it every day instead of face make-up. Totally worth it and it lasts for months. Bobbie Brown makes a pretty good one too." When I asked her about getting just a tinted moisturizer she said: "Honestly, I think you should allow for $200 at Nordstrom.  When you change a routine it's an investment.  When pepole half try things they don't get the right results and assume it's the product rather than the fact that certain things are made to go together and to work together.  I would go to Nordstrom instead of Sephora so the rep can match you and go over the differences.  I hate the girls at Sephora, it's great for refills, but not for a fresh start.  If you're looking to switch to Laura for good, you would need the illuminating primer, tinted moisturizer, and the translucent powder.  Individually all these producs work, but together you will have coverage that lasts all day and is the most natural.  Sometimes I skip one and I can tell the difference.  This would run you about $150 and leave you $50 to spend toward face wash/concealer."
I am asking for your advice:
1. I get something from Target for something like Aveno for less than $15
2. I get Dr. Jart from birchbox for $32
3. I go to Sephora and get Benefit or Philosophy
4. I go all out at Nordstrom with Bre's reccomendation of a full skin care line by Laura Mercier for $150.

Lianne says: "I have heard such great things about Laura.  Or Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle.  I personally love all things by Benefit. My favorite is Dr. Feel Good that has a Vitamin C base that helps get rid of shine.  Unfortunately it doesn't have SPF. As for your breakouts: Neutrogena fash wash with salicylic acid and grapefruit saved my life!  I use it every single day and also got my sister some and her face has cleared up also.  You don't need to spend a ton of money on it, but make sure it has salicylic acid specifically.  Also, it [can be] an investment, but worth every cent.  Higher quality makeup and skincare lasts longer and does feel and look different.  MAC lasts 10x's longer than anything you can get at Target, so the value is much better and costs less in the long run."

What would I do without my ladies? 

What do you think? 
What is your favorite daily face regime?



  1. Okay, I'm confused. I thought this was your year of NO shopping. How does spending $200 on makeup fit into that goal? My vote is, use what you already have and quit shopping--if that's what your goal is, I mean. If you've changed your mind about your goal, you should change the name of your blog. You're still buying tons of stuff. I love you anyway--doesn't matter to me--but if you really want 365 days of no shopping, you should quit shopping, right?

  2. Bless your heart! You're correct! I have significantly cut down my shopping. The only time I have shopped was in Phoenix just as I planned when I created the goal.

    The main reason I decided to NOT shop is to finish goals and get rid of excess "SALE" items or the necessity to buy things just because it's a good deal: Quality over quantity.

    Facecare is a different story. It's about my future and avoiding skin cancer.

  3. Gotcha! And I do remember you reserving the right to do some shopping in Phoenix, now that you mention it. I am cheering for you, Lindsay!

  4. Thank you! :) I did have a confession post, but for the most part I'm adhering to my goal and bettering myself and de-cluttering my life! :)

  5. Adan Hernandez
    Go to icantbelieveicangetcancerfromallthisshitandmore.com they sell this dirt that comes in a bag..u just add water and it turns into mud ..u can put it all over yourself to block out the sun! Just don't get the fertilizer with dirt cuz tha...t's poop and it may cause cancer! Lol sorry... I just had too... I was bored...I am really digging ur blogs though...ur creative genius/monster unleashed...that has to feel good...now....can I sell ya a bag o' dirt?

  6. Sarah Porietis
    Go to www.olehenriksen.com ... natural & not too expensive plus smells great & helps with anti-aging! That's what I've been using & I LOOOOOVE it!
    They also have ole henriksen stuff @ sephora... also look @ korrs... its all natural too!

  7. Angie
    Go to Sephora and get the Laura Mercier sample size. Then you can try before splurging at Nordies. They're pretty good about taking stuff back if you hate it too.
    I use Aveno daily moisturizer twice a day and Garnier make up wipes to clean my face each night. The other thing that works GREAT - and you'll laugh - is Noxema. Really!
    I say absolutely try the smaller size of the expensive stuff before you buy the whole shebang for a billion dollars.
    ALSO, I use Bare Minerals powder foundation, and it's really great. It covers up, I think it has spf too, and it doesn't feel makeup-y.

  8. I Agree with above - I don't buy anything anymore that has parabens, mercury, bronopol, formaldehyde, lanolin, mineral oil, etc - there are so many toxins that are approved for external use, it's terrifying. I started using cheap-o neutrogena naturals and burts bees skincare products, and have seen a crazy improvement in my skin. same with my shampoos and conditioners - garnier has a brand now called Clear that I'm liking that is paraben and sulfate free!

  9. Luci Jenks JonesMay 15, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    Luci Jenks Jones Check the ingredients, google them and see if any are toxic. Most face and hair care products are full of chemicals.

    Keep your eye out for propylene glycol - it's in almost everything and is the main ingredient in anti freeze. It's a number one ingredient in baby wipes! WalMart carries one called Pure n' Gentle that does not have it, so they are the only ones I will buy. It is also in children's toothpaste!

    Suncscreen is tricky because most of it will cause cancer more than the sun will. We buy Dr. Mercola's sunscreen - just google for it.

  10. I love Mary Kay's moisturizer with sunscreen. Their skincare line is great and not as spendy. My answer to your question is no. :)