Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Snow day project!

There are a lot of reasons for me to avoid shopping in 2012, and one of the best reasons came about today: Save time!  It's a snow day, and by snow day, I mean it made national news and even I bowed down to mother nature today!  She sure is beautiful! Normally I would spend today in front of the TV or shopping online.  Instead, with the help of my effervescent New Years Resolution, I had time to finally complete a project I bought the supplies for last Fall.

I always see the cutest outfits at Husky games and tailgates.  What surprised me most was the cost of official Husky attire, namely boots!  At Walmart one day waiting for the oil change in the old '88 Chevy 2 Ton truck to be completed, I perused the auto section.  The spray paint was nearby and a gold can caught my attention. I found the perfect Husky color combo to make my boots.  I have a really old pair of black rain boots that I got for our first trip to Canada and have since used them for work projects and painting.  They were less than desirable.  My creative wheels started turning and the rest is history.  Here's a photo journey of my project today:
Inspiration: $39.95 Dawg Den boots

Old Ugly Boots

Masking tape "W" guidline

My handmade Husky "W" template

Purple and Gold

I love you! I want to make everything GOLD!

What happens if you forget to lay down a lining

First coat of spray paint

Adding the "W" wasn't perfectly easy...


Add an inexpensive color matching liner

Begging to be worn!

Aren't they Lovely?

"How's this pose? Does it make my butt look big?"

And just like that, a new pair of boots!

Last step is to Vaj-azzle them with adhesive jewels!
I had no idea how amazing spray paint was.  It literally covered up everything!  I'm getting giddy thinking of all the other things I can turn gold! "I love gooooooold!" "Hey Goldmember, Hey Goldmember!" "Can I paint his yoo-hoo gold?" " Oh yesh. Yesh yesh yesh yesh. This is a keeper." " Would you like a shmoke ana pancake?  You know, a flapjack and a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe un a crepe? No?" "Scotty Dont!" "[I've] got the midas touch, don't touch it too much, hey goldmember!" 
"Oh great, isn't this magical?"

Supplies are easy: 
  1. boots
  2. spray paint
  3. scissors
  4. pen/marker or a printer to copy what you want painted on
  5. tape
  6. plastic bag or newspaper
  7. Patience 

Some tips/hints if you're ready to try this DIY project: 
-Clean your boots. Try to scratch off any texture if at all possible. 
-Avoid pissing of your husband: Lay down newspaper or a plastic bag.  
-The paint will drip if you attempt to dry the boots standing up.  Best process is a light coat on one side, wait for it to dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat for both sides.   
-Make your template for your "W" or school mascot etc. out of cardstock or something thicker than paper. You could even print the letter from your printer onto a cardstalk and cut it out. 
-Ventilation is key!  I closed the garage door because the snow was blowing a slight headache.  Nothing some chocolate can't fix!
-Be patient and let the paint dry!
-Have fun and enjoy your creative journey! 

Memory Palace: Today's Word of the Day is persnickety This reminded me of Allison and how we did a new word each day in Junior High.  The best word, and frankly the only one I remember, is fenestration. It's the display or design of windows on a building.  Funny story, I actually found a time to use it: with Lianne and her Mom while we were in Connecticut during a similarly snowy day.  We were driving around the old town part of Norwalk and enjoying the scenery when a beautiful church creeped around the corner I instantly thought back to that little dictionary in the dining area of Allison's Parents house silently screaming in delight I constructed my sentence: "That church possesses the most beautiful fenestration I've ever experienced!"  Lets just say a midst laughter and confusion, it didn't go over as well as originally imagined. 

And here are some photos of my journey using my AWD Snow feature to get me to Lincoln Park.  What a lovely day.  SOOO much snow. It's incredibly peaceful. 

And now it's time for: 
Final Thoughts by Lindsay: 


  1. You are amazing! My daughters and I love your posts! You entertain me all the way over here in China! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I love your positive attitude toward life. You "lift" us all with your awesome personality. I don't know your husband, but be sure to tell him what a lucky guy he is, to have you for his wife.

  2. Love love love love love love! This is a great idea!!!