Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giving away is easier when you know the recipient.

I spent the Sunday of our long snowy Seattle weekend with my best bud Bre.  We watched “New Years Eve” which was a disappointment to say the least and then went back to her apartment because the crazies were out in full force crashing into everything imaginable from a small dusting of snow. For those of you that don’t live in the northwest check this out! For those of you that have lived here your whole life, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say:

Snow isn’t scary.
Snow makes for some enjoyable days
Snow is included in many of my most memorable childhood memories

Driving in snow is doable, even if you’re accustomed to hearing “Seattle has hills!” as an excuse to your lack of skill or driving capabilities.  From Lindsay to you:
·         Drive slower.
·         AWD or 4WD doesn’t mean you’re the abominable snowman that can dance through anything without sliding out of control. 
·         It also does not give you the ability to honk when unnecessary!
·         Chains are NOT required for a slight misting of snow
·         If you still choose to use chains, going over 50 MPH is idiotic!
·         Sledding is a great alternative to driving!
·         Getting out your ski’s for a trek to the grocery store is not necessary
·         If you start skidding, turn your wheel in the same direction you are sliding
·         Cookies/Donuts are encouraged!
·         The “E” break solves nothing!
·         Parking on the side of the road and worrying if you have enough food to survive is erroneous.   You can survive 3 weeks without food! (Thank you Mr. Fleischmann! Not only were you incredibly attractive, but you made me like history and your outdoor class that I took 3 years in a row has been paying off ever since!)
 Did you know the rule of three?  You can go:
o   3 minutes without air (suffocation)
o   3 hours without warmth (hypothermia)
o   3 Days without water
o   3 weeks without food
·         If you can’t kick it, make a snowman, or stay inside.
Okay, we’re done with the snow. Back to Bre. Here’s some fun texts from Saturday when the snow news started with the snow storm warning.  I love Bre’s lack of snow skill.  It’s very becoming on her.  Like Trevor and I get to be her knight in shining armor, coming to rescue her from the big scary snow clouds!

Bre: The freeway blows. No snow yet and traffic like crazy.  I just bailed on my target trip.
(The thought of visiting my ever favorite all time amazing store that is Target made me miss 2011.)
Bre: Want to come go through my closet with me? 
Bre: (that doesn’t even sound fun to me, so feel way free to say no)
Me: Um, tomorrow?
Bre: That’s what I was thinking.  

Bre is amazing!  If you’ve had the opportunity to meet Bre, you fully and wholeheartedly agree with me.  She’s incredibly witty, super compassionate, gorgeous, and an all around fun-time companion.  Recently Bre decided to make a lifestyle change which has resulted in the loss of at least 4 pant sizes.  Along with her well deserved confidence came time to purge her closet. 

Sunday started like this:

Bre: “Beauty and the Beast 3D downtown with me and Brandon at 12:30 if you’re interested!!”
Me: No thanks LOL (I’m thinking good thing Bre and I have other things in common, because really, watching that again, and in a scrunched theatre with those dumb glasses sounds like the worst possible way to spend this “snow” day.
Bre: LOL
Bre: No movie Wha wha.  Cars are already crashed on my hill. Boo!! (snow scares the living color out of her so plans were cancelled!)
Me: Woe crappy!
Me: We have football at 5:00
Bre: Be careful!!!!! (I’m not over exaggerating her overly assertive use of exclamation points.  It’s all in good measure I’m sure, because she likes me.)
Bre: I found a Mexico shirt while cleaning out my dresser! Thanks 21 year old Bre! Lol
Shirt found for Mexico in May
Back of said shirt.

Me: Um, love! Look how skinny you are!
Bre: May will be better!!!!
Bre: I’ve got some clothes that are too big, but might look cute belted and with skinny’s on you.     That’s not a look for me so I’m getting rid of them even though they have potential.
Me: I’ll take em!
Bre: It’s shocking how much too big stuff I’m having a hard time giving up even thought its been a year since I wore it AT least!
Me: It’s always hard!
Sunday proceeded nicely, my husband Trevor and I headed out of our house that had a couple inches of snow and continued through Seattle to the east side to pick up our XBOX Kinect from Bryn & Oliver.  Bryn warned us about her exit with all of the snow.  We thought that too was all hype, but when we got to Kirkland, the exit was littered with stalled cars, a bus, and plenty of curious onlookers.  So there was a good amount of snow.  And to those rationalizers about snow in Seattle, the hills are killer!  But, still manageable by driving slowly, and having AWD or 4WD.
Here are a couple photos from Sunday, She’s a sight to see in white:

We left the eastside and headed out to finish our fairytale.  We had an unrequited duty to rescue the lonely Bre from the villainous beast!  We found her locked up in a tower [apartment] with killer alligators [snowfall] monitoring the perimeter signifying no feasible escape!  Captain Trevor and Heroine Lindsay arrived swords [4WD Xterra] in tow and they viciously slay the dragon allowing for Bre’s victorious escape!  Now, this would be a good place to end the fairytale, but to all of our dismay, we didn’t deserve a happily ever after and as penance we had to sit through the entire monotonous showing of “New Years Eve.”  Thank goodness for my popcorn and mustard snack! Thank you Juanito!

After such a terrible re-make of “Valentine’s Day” we decided to treat ourselves to OSF! Mmm, Old Spaghetti Factory is the real deal ya’ll!  A three course meal for under ten smakeroos!  I’m in!  And ending on a high note of spumoni ice cream? BOOM! 

Then on to the real reason for today’s blog:
Bre’s purging of closeted items.

Bre went through her closet and wanted me to check out the things she was getting rid of.  Now Bre has an amazing wardrobe! And by amazing, I mean one that would make any girl envious.  She has incredible fashion sense and if you were to sell her closet for what she paid, you’d be speaking close to six figures.  So when she starts showing me the items she’s getting rid of, I cry a little bit inside and think of how I can rationalize becoming the new proud owner of these items, especially her JCrew cardigans. 

Do you think I took some?

Bre, I’m impressed with you!  You did the right thing by giving away the sizes that are too big.  It takes balls, and you earned yours!

After we went through the initial pile, we started in on her closet.  She started pulling out hangers with gorgeous dresses and blouses that were clearly too big.  Her thought process was that they are nice and good quality so they are harder to give away.  Then we talked about the likelihood of her going back up to those sizes.  She worked her butt off, literally, and to keep any of those over sized articles would be denying her new sexy body room on her shelves. Knowing that you are making room for new smaller sized clothing makes it a little bit easier to get rid of the baggy clothes that used to be a staple in your wardrobe.

As we were continuing through, I remembered  Trevor’s family in Vancouver, WA. 
“Karla and Aunt Debbie and Grandma would LOVE this stuff Bre!”  And so it began, the transition into knowing who would benefit from this stuff.  So lucky for me, I have a gift for the family without having to “shop” for anything!  Bre, you helped me be the benefactor of what I like to title this: Win-Win-Win situation!

 “I’m excited to see them wear it! I’ve given so many clothes away and I love knowing that someone likes it and is happy to wear it.” Bre told me as I asked for her permission to blog about her today.  I agree with her!  It simplifies the entire process by giving it to someone as opposed to the Good Will, Deseret Industires, or selling it to the Buffalo Exchange.  I’m not discouraging donating to 501 (C) corporations.  Because they are also deserving.  I’m just saying that it’s easier to give to friends or family members.  I can get rid of more if I have someone there with me telling me they’d LOVE to have that item that I was on the fence about.

Lindsay’s Question of the day:
I give my little sister my undergarments generally once a year.  Some are lightly worn, some new.  Our husband’s find it weird.  I don’t.

I have a drawer full that I may never wear again…What are your thoughts about giving away lingere or delicates? 

And now its time for,
Final thoughts by Lindsay:

ABC’s The Bachelor: This is the funniest blog shared with my by Lianne: it’s by Lincee Ray and she’s intensely hilarious! http://www.ihategreenbeans.com/category/recaps/ Enjoy!

Me 6:02 pm: Bachelor night!

Bre 6:28:        I know! Think the weather will hold?? (Snow ruins everything for Bre)

Me 6:30:         Maybe

Bre 6:32:        Might have to conference this one, or record and not watch! (I obviously didn’t get this text because I taped the show and started watching around 9:30 last night.)

Lianne 9:37:   Omg, drunk girls are so dramatic
Lianne 9:56: I’m going to SF in February.  Put it on your list! We can all go in summer!  It’s amazing in summer and my uncle will take us to real dim sum in China Town!!! (I’m holding you to this Lianne-y banany! )

Me 10:05:       My son(s) will play the piano.

Bre 10:05:       Just like Ben!

Me 10:06:       I just got butterflies, how is that possible?

Bre 10:07:       Just wait, stuff gets real

Me 10:08:       I got that take your breath away when he had her play her part and he played his…so sexy. Why?

Bre 10:08:      It’s the music! It’s sexy

Me: 10:10:      So Sexy!

Lianne 10: 12: Piano is the sexiest thing to me too.  Idk what it is, but it’s something.

Me 10:20:       Who’s Shawntal?

Me 10:28:       The model has ugly legs.
Me 10:29:       PS, I can’t watch this without you! (realizing everyone else went to bed. Sad face)

Me 10:42:       Oh Girls!

Bre 7:09 AM today: It made me so mad they were hatin on her!  She’s not any different than anyone of them.  He’s dating other girls…who cares who they are? Insecure girls! I like that blonde girl too.  I think she’s going to call the model out.  She just carries herself well so far.  We need to always watch together! (yay, Bre got my text.  Better late than never! I love my ladies!)

Me 7:10 AM: Yes yes yes

Best thing from last night’s episode: Leap List, a list of things you want to do before your next big milestone.  Like kids or marriage.  Like a 30 before 30 list or 40 before 40.  They can be big or small.

So, if you must watch this show, it will inevitably suck you in, you must watch it with a friend.  Your husband will fall asleep on the couch if you try to coerce him into your girly shenanigans!


  1. Your driving tips are hilarious - I think I learned those things in kindergarten. =o) Although with my husband being from Alaska, he sees things entirely different too. There's apparently no need to shovel the driveway unless there's at least five feet of snow.

    I love giving clothes to people I know - especially my kids' clothes. I know they all end up in a good place anyway, but the immediate gratitude helps me let go. Great post.

  2. Thanks for all your help going through my closet! Having someone there to remind me that I'm not going to need those sizes again was just what I needed. Plus people find "good homes" for puppies and things so it's not that far of a reach to want my lovely cardigan collection to go to "good home"...you know one that won't wash the light ones with red socks or something like that. Lucky for me they went to my friend family so I'll get to visit them often!

    Couple of Notes:
    1. Snow is the white devil and I live on a hill.
    2. I found a lime green belt you're going to love.
    3. That model DOES have ugly legs. Plus an ugly personality. Oh, and that cute dimple girl we like is starting to remind me of Chelsey so now I like her even more.
    3. Who doesn't love Beauty in the Beast? It's no Cinderella, but it has its moments.
    4. Special shout out to Trevor who not only endures the two of us, but also goes out of his way to ensure our escapades happen rain or shine.
    5. Nice edit of "stuff"...Hahaha


  3. I would love to be a recipient of bre's closet. She's tiny now, I am not!

  4. Kristen, you wouldn't believe it. Now granted, today the snow is pretty bad...it's been snowing since 4:00 AM and hasn't let up! I LOVE snow, and got to take some gorgeous photos today. It's funny the different perspectives depending on where everyone grew up!. Immediate gratitude, yes!

    Karla, you will be!

    Bre: You rock! Speaking of puppies, I still want one! The white devil, LOL! THANK YOU TREVOR!5. I had to edit! :)