Friday, January 6, 2012

I was this close to giving in -->

Shout out to Ashley for talking me off the ledge. 
If you want to blame her because you hedged your bet on my breakdown in under 30 days, let me know.  I can share how to get a hold of her to make her feel the pain!  Don’t count on her paying you for your bet, because she has my genes and admittedly has a shopping problem as well.  Your threats won’t interest her.

Online is a clentcher…they get you with the shipping!  I have a $21.63 credit/giftcard that I was applying toward two cuddly creatures for my niece and nephew in Idaho, but the shipping was $8! Then I saw this lovely shiny button that said “free shipping over $99” and I fell into pre 2012 Lindsay crazy shopper deal mode and the firework show went off in my head:

“Steph’s kids will LOVE these!” I thought as I remember my co-worker G$ telling me about how much his kids loved these hooded character blankets and what great quality they are. 

“I’m going to be the best Aunt EVER!” So I tried shipping to AZ and to ID, and there it was again, the nasty $8 shipping charge for splitting the shipping destinations. 

A quick phone call to my sis brought me back to reality. . . Thank you!

One of the best parts of my shopping was finding a great gift that I KNOW the recipient will enjoy.  I have 7 ½ nieces and nephews, and there’s nothing better than the smile that comes from an Aunt Lindsay gift.   I’ll have to get creative for the boys birthday party in Phoenix year.  I betcha it’ll be better than the cuddly creatures I almost purchased and had mailed. I’m picturing a HUGE cardboard box, some cutting and decorating supplies and imagination from a party full of kids under 8!

I invite you to enter my
Pictorial Memory Palace of Visual Delight
Imagine green grass gently kissing the wooden back yard fence securely boarding in a birthday party littered with kids games cake and balloons.
It’s present time. Lots of fun gifts are being torn into followed by smiles and fast words of appreciation.  Then on to the next gift.
It’s my turn.
Looks of confusion surface at the realization that the giant unwrapped box standing anxiously behind me is empty.  I muster up my super powers out of retirement and quickly turn their confusion to excitement when I use my marvelous hero phone to google images of cardboard box castles and rocket ships.   Before their young eyes I transform into the Magnificent Aunt Lindsay Super Duper Carpenter Hero from Seattle! I may even put a belt on my head and pay homage to the late Doug.
Oh how I loved cardboard boxes as a kid. 

And now its time for...
Final thoughts by Lindsay:
Kids are cool.  Being a kid was cool.  My favorite childhood memories in no particular order:
  1. Riding my bike
  2. Penny Candies
  3. The Larson’s across the street
  4. Scott coming over and asking “Can Assy Peetis pway?”
  5. Playing Gymnastics in our front yard, like we were Olympic athletes.  Remember that?
  6. Oakley, ID.  Particularly Alan & Lynette’s, the pool, & Pioneer Day.
  7. Playing Fugitive
  8. The best girlfriends I could ever ask for, I love you all!
  9. Fighting with my sisters.  It didn’t matter what it was, but someone was always on my side.
  10. Sports, especially softball.


  1. Whew that was close!

    I share 8 of your favorites. I'm sure you can guess which two don't apply.

    The cardboard box will be a HUGE hit! You really will be the coolest ever.

  2. Ash, the wish list may just work! I am trying to refrain from online sites all together simply because I can waste HOURS.

  3. I made it on your blog?? I'm famous!! We loved having you guys here--still do, when we can get you! Love you, Linds!

  4. Your house was the best! Trampoline, kick the can, sour cream sugar cookies...what more could a kid ask for? Thanks for everything! love you too!