Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introducing the “Not So Much Anymore” Drawer!

Since I did such a Linzerific job getting rid of things, I now have a free drawer. With the helpful ideas from my *fans* I’ve decided to make it the I wore it and didn’t feel great in it drawer. Today’s pants will be joining yesterday’s pants.  These are not flattering, baggy butt, and awkward fitting. See for yourself:

This Not So Much Anymore drawer delights and excites me because by the end of the year, I will only have items in my repertoire that fit me well and don’t possess any negative feelings!  Now that may sound funny to some of you, but feelings are attached to everything.  So if you feel like doing some 2012 closet cleaning, follow these steps:

  1. Invite a friend.  This friend has requirements.  He/She needs to be honest and perhaps bold, because this friend’s job is very important.  The YES or NO pile friend.  Wine or loud music may be necessary!
  2. Go through each piece of clothing, hold it out, and ask yourself (or your designated friend) - Do I like this? Does it fit? Do I feel good when I wear it? Is it broken or old or seams coming out? Is it still in fashion or is it classic/vintagy?
  3. If you answer NO to any of these, put it in one of three piles:
  4. 1: Repair2: Friends/giveaway3: Sell.
  5. Don’t keep ANYTHING that doesn’t fit now.  No “motivation” items. No “but it used to fit!” or “when I lose 10 pounds…” etc.  The only exception is for pregnancy.  You can keep a few chosen items for pregnancy and if you’re currently in pregnant clothes, you can keep your REALISTIC pre-pregnancy clothing.
  6. You don’t have to do it all in one day.
  7. Once it’s in the give-a-way pile, keep it there and get rid of it ASAP! No rummaging through the NO pile! You can box it up and write what/where it’s going.
  8. Organize some way, shape, or form.  That could be organizing by color, or by size, or by long sleeve vs. short sleeve.  Or Winter vs. Summer. It doesn’t matter how as long as it feels organized to you.
  9. Face all clothing in one direction
  10. Have fun with it and know that you’ll feel better when you’re finished!
Here are two photos inside my closet.  I like to organize heels front and back, it saves a lot of space! And the other is a snapshot of one side of my closet.  In photo, it looks like I need to organize again! 

When you’re cleaning and organizing, don’t forget to save space for the “Not So Much Anymore Drawer!”  
I found this video article about closet organization and I liked the end photo of before and after.
Check out the video from Fab Sugar if you’d like, if not, enjoy the photo!


And now its time for...
Final thoughts by Lindsay:

Perhaps you and your closet haven’t been getting along lately. Today’s the day to make the commitment! Don’t let your closet wear you! ha! J Schedule time and give your closet some tender care.  Bond with your closet.  Plant the seeds that your closet desperately craves and before you know it, you’ll both be indulging in the brilliant fruits it produces for you!


  1. I love the idea of losing anything that doesn't fit NOW, but what if I like it and want to replace it in the right size? That is my dilemma...

  2. I love the idea of losing anything that doesn't fit NOW, but what if I like it and want to replace it in the right size? That is my dilemma...

  3. Dear Dilemma, Even if you don't have your receipt still, many stores will accept exchanges. It takes bold courage to ask the cash wrap, but you will be surprised how often they'll allow it. And if not, then GIFT the wrong size and buy the right.

  4. I had a few of my tops come to mind as I read this. Clearly they will be the first to go! I like your rules. Emotions should count, even if it fits. Keep up the blog, it's so fun!