Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Truth Settling may take a while...

I arrived home last night, feeling pretty good and excited about publicly announcing my abstention from shopping to find these on my doorstep:

If these little treats showed up throughout the year it’d sure make it easier! ;)
To prove that I didn’t buy in the New Year, here is the receipt showing this purchase was online and made December 28th, 2011!

"Oh...I forgot about this!" I screeched in utter excitement! My mind brought me back to my computer and I remembered there are 2 more boxes coming… One more pair of sparkly shoes and some jewelrey from Shoedazzle. For those of you that haven’t discovered Shoedazzle yet, here’s the link! You can get amazingly sexy and well constructed shoes that are showstoppers for a very affordable price of $39.95. They always have $20 specials too! Lianne, your Christmas present that I’ve yet to give you is from here. Anyway, one of the other AMAZING things about ShoeDazzle is that you get style points for free shoes. Every 1000 points you get a free pair. Every friend that signs up gives you 200 points, so every 5 friends give you something free! HINT HINT HINT!!! ;)

So on to the whole reason for writing…no shopping. There were a lot of questions about my rules. I’ve yet to established specifics but so far here’s the Lindsay to Lindsay rules:
1. No Clothes or Shoe Shopping! Lindsay, you don’t need any new clothing or shoes of any sorts, especially work attire, heels, and panties, socks, and lingere
2. Gifts can be given but not shopped for.
a. You can give a reasonable amount of cash
b. Or something you have/make from home
3. Grocery stores will not be visited alone. (at least in the beginning until you learn self control)
4. Under no circumstances will you impulse buy!
5. Gift cards are lovely, but even more lovely when given away. This will avoid the temptation of buying items OVER the gift card limit.
6. No store charge cards. (Trevor has already confiscated all 9 of them!)
7. Unsubscribe from EVERY merchandise email and stay unsubscribed!
8. Can I receive gifts? YES Absolutely!
9. I challenge myself to wear everything in my closet at least once this year! If I don’t wear it or don’t like it, I MUST give it away immediately!
10. Eating out doesn’t constitute shopping, however it will not become the substitute for regular shopping habits!
11. Wagers can be made! I’m a tough cookie!
12. January 21st – January 29th I can go to Last Chance and spend with a $300 limit.
a. If you don’t know what Last Chance is, you should! Unless you are abstaining too.
b. There is only one LAST CHANCE and it’s in Phoenix. I will be in Phoenix, thus being a pass that doesn’t count toward any bets or wagers or my no shopping. If you know Last Chance, you understand.
13. Clothing swaps are allowable but you cannot leave with more than what you came.
14. If they make a movie out of my blog, Bre has every right to refuse an unattractive actress to play her critical role. I agree!
15. Nothing is so perfect I can’t have it!

So there you have it. My rules.

I’ll end today with a little story about the 2011 Lindsay at Christmas.

Picture a beautifully decorated home with the lights immaculately placed. It’s the ideal gingerbread house and through the windows is an amazing family with the biggest hearts in the world. It’s Christmas morning and everyone’s first cup of coffee has already been consumed and a few are working on their second. Presents line the tree base and spill out everywhere. Santa’s footsteps are nowhere to be seen on the freshly vacuumed living room floor. Nearly all the presents are opened and Lindsay begins to settle into the couch relaxing with one knee up.
“Who’s this for?” –MIL asks.
“I don’t know.” replies everyone in unison.
“Well Santa didn’t bring it…who wrapped it?”
No Answer
“Oh, it says your name Lindsay.”
“Sweet what is it?” asks Lindsay as she tears through the package. Out comes tissue paper and then a pair of Jessica Simpson black leather wedges in size 9.
“Oh Lindsay, you shouldn’t have!” replies Lindsay in utter excitement. She then proceeds to try them on and follows with, “They’re just my size! I love them!” amongst wailing laughter from everyone in the room.


This is a true story. I bought presents for myself, wrapped them in Seattle, carried them in the pile to Vancouver, WA, placed them under the tree and proceeded to have a temporary memory loss. This isn’t the first time but I’m hoping it’ll be the last!

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